Dear Friends of Dialogue – from Crisis City to PaRaDiSe Earth!

The good life, is, a life of Good, and, of goods.

Our values serve to convert our beliefs into actions, in the pursuit of this good. As one aspiring to serve the Public Good, I have a legitimate quest, what guides values to make sense of things, and, judge the way accordingly?

Surely, we come endowed with a primeval common-sense that serves as infallible guide, if there is such a thing. Like with language, we do master dialogue. Then, I wonder, what is this, and, where is it to be found, if at all? There is no guarantee that it even exists; yet, neither can I affirm that it doesn’t.

All I have to go by in this quest is with what makes me what I am. I am physicist by training, and, friend of dialogue by calling; human scientist is what I am. Not pretending to be exhaustive, I limit my search to those candidates there out there that make such a claim. The Big Bang theory of physics falls short, commencing only a few instances after absolute time equal to zero. Other than that, I only know of the Bible Creation Story that harbors such unlimited pretensions. Nothing gets disqualified off-hand, but, rather, until proven unworthy. Either this, or else, nihilism. I’m not willing to quit, just yet, without even giving it a try.

Let’s, then, for the sake of argument, assume it to be the case. The story goes that the Teaching was revealed, not discovered. For if discovered by anybody, then this would trigger the infinite regression, of assuming the ending in the beginning, for, what was it that made the discovery possible, in the first place? Granted, its existence necessitates its revelation.

Following the plot, the consensus is that the Creation Story is Genesis 1:1-2:3. But this story itself, has a beginning, namely, one day, out of the seven days. Note that there’s one day, not a first day, though there are second, third, and so on, until the seventh, the day of rest.

This narrows the quest to verses 1:1-1:5. It stands to reason, then, that our satisfaction must lie therein. But, if at the beginning, then, better still would be, at the beginning of the beginning, and so on. If so, I wonder, can it be narrowed still some more, say, to verse 1:1? If yes, then, again I request, can it be further narrowed, to, say, the first word 1:1a? If yes, can it be additionally narrowed to its first letter, 1:1a/a? Finally, I request, is there an ultimate to which it cannot be narrowed anymore? That is, is there a backstory to this plot?

I ask all these questions, because I cannot believe, that after so many eons it has not been accounted for, if it exists at all, that is. My guess is, still playing along, that it must be a case of oversight. What else? Of course, there’s also the notion that, that’s what secrets are all about. That is, that the sages know it, just aren’t telling. While this may very well be the case, it wouldn’t affect our quest, since this knowledge isn’t shared out there, anyway.

Let’s cut to the chase, of this elusive primeval common-sense, sure guide Takeaway to the good life. Next is my take.

Where hides evil? Where you least expect it! The devil is in the details. Evil hides at the very beginning of the Bible Creation Story, Genesis 1:1a/a. Today’s evil is the idolatry of the modern mindset, of negating the human spirit, of not having any connection with the divine.

Due to patchy translation and rushed interpretation, the four-tiered foldable of PaRDeS PaRaDiSe (פרדס) of primeval common-sense was over-sighted. Thanks to this that we’re dwelling in Crisis City, instead of in PaRaDiSe Earth, all this time. Alas, at last we’ve touched bottom, and now rebounding, must start ReConstitution!


All human problems in the world originate from a misreading of BeRe’shIth Genesis 1:1 (בראשית), the opening verse of the Bible.

That is, that an off-focus rendering of Genesis 1:1, of the Creation Story, is to blame for all human problems in the world to date.

A bad translation, followed by a worse interpretation, ended by oversighting the whole takehome message of the Bible’s Creation Story.

Let me explain, taking it from the top. I beg patience and attention on the part of the kind and diligent listener and reader, for this synthesizes the core of our argument in a few paragraphs.

The Torah Teaching (תורה) was revealed to Moses at Mount Sinai. These five books of Moses are better known as the Chumash Pentateuch (חומש). The teachings from these books starts with Genesis 1:1. Lesson one is what is primeval common-sense, which is what it takes to make sense of things at the gut level. This is in-born with us.

In modern terms, physicist and humanist by training, I express this primeval common-sense by way of the “Seed of Life” model, same that consists of a square frame, having within it an ellipse, circumscribing a right-triangle.

This primeval common-sense says that the virtue of things is that the whole is made up of a triad of parts. Understanding by triad that the parts relate to each other as the parts of a right triangle, and that it, the right-triangle, is circumscribed by an ellipse, representing the whole, all duly framed by a square.

The greatest gift to humanity is precisely the missing Takeaway of 1:1, the primeval common-sense of PaRDeS PaRaDiSe (פרדס). This is a Hebrew acronym, with consonants underlined, standing for the four-tiered nature of things. This comes to represent, in our vocabulary, the divine, as one whole, and then, as triad of parts, spirit, mind, and body, respectively. We’ll have more to say about this later on, for the moment suffice as introduction.

This missing Takeaway surmounts to the greatest rediscovery on Earth. To Moses it was revealed, and, after that, it was rediscovered by Pythagoras, who was not understood, then by Socrates, who was misunderstood, and it has been undercover till now, to the best of my knowledge.

The cost of missing it has been having us dwell in Crisis City, instead of enjoying PaRaDiSe Earth, all this time. This is the point where the big picture view of things dovetails with local politics of events. It can’t be any other way, if we’re ever to break the spell of the virus of modernity of the culture of double-standards, of forked-tongue values that keep beliefs separate from the corresponding actions.


The greatest human mystery on Earth has always been how to translate and interpret verse Genesis 1:1 of the Bible Creation Story, for all else follows suit, and, in a way that is both, a faithful translation of the original Hebrew, and, that its interpretation is enlightening to a science-&-technology driven modern world. This apparently inane thing, actually makes all the difference in the world. Did I hear anyone say that the devil was in the details?

All the versions out there in print, unable to meet the above requirements, oversighted the Takeaway, PaRDeS PaRaDiSe (פרדס), and are part to blame for the culturally broken, spiritually corrupt, politically misguided world, and without social justice that we live in. But, fortunately, now we know the why of Crisis City, as well as the way to PaRaDiSe Earth, though, most importantly, how to achieve it in our lifetime. The good news cannot die with me, it needs to see the light of day.

The short answer I will place upfront for quick consulting, recommending listening to the larger explanations provided in the podcasts. The current version, as well as the faithful translation and educational interpretation, is highlighted in italics and placed in quotation marks.


The existing printed imprecise translation and misleading interpretation of Bere’shith Genesis 1:1 (בראשית) reads, with Elohim = G’d:

In the beginning G’d created the heavens and the earth:”

However, Bere’shith Genesis 1:1 (בראשית), literally translated from the original Biblical Hebrew reads:

InBeginningOf, created Elohim; language-with the heavens, and language-with the earth:

Interpretation is the challenge. The question now is, how to make sense of this conundrum. Our take on the matter is that it is to be read as a four-tier foldable. This is a vital question, for therein lies the Takeaway. It reads:

InBeginningOf / InBeginningOf created Elohim / created Elohim language-with-you / Elohim is dialogue-with the heavens, and dialogue-with the earth:

Lastly, recoiling, reaching a consensus reading. On the one hand, the first word is a standalone, as One whole 1:1a, whereas, on the other hand, the remainder is the triad of parts, and reads as a composite whole 1:1b-g. Herein dialogue-with = d-w.

InBeginningOf / created Elohim d-w the heavens and d-w the earth:


Though similar in appearance, other than the added expression of language, its merit is having rediscovered the primeval common-sense Takeaway of PaRDeS PaRaDiSe (פרדס). No small matter, I would say, for humankind. That is to say, now we have the guide to reach the good life that we were questing for.

This latter interpretation, born out of a faithful translation of the original Biblical Hebrew, provides us with all we’ll ever need to know to be successful in this world. To finish the job that we were created to do on Earth, and for things to finally follow their course as was made to happen in the greater scheme of things.