002* Bible Creation Story – PaRDeS, the cornerstone of civilization

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Title: “PaRDeSism ~ Human Science 101”

Subtitle: (PaRDeS primevalism ~ treeseeding our original common-sense on the Bible’s Creation Story 1:1-2:3; World ReConstitution, from Crisis City to PaRaDiSe Earth)

Author: Ricardo Turullols-Bonilla.

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002* Bible Creation Story – PaRDeS, the cornerstone of civilization

Dear Friends of Dialogue:

The present is built on the past, the future is built from the present, which in turn, is founded on the past. Any way you look at it, starting from the present, any viable future growth plans, necessarily must have clarity as to its primeval origins.

The stumbling block of contemporary modernity is that it all leads to a fork in the remote past, and provides us with a double-standards. On the one hand, we have technology, science, and philosophy, originating ultimately from Athens, Greece, and on the other hand, we have religion, likewise, ultimately originating, but, this time from Jerusalem, Israel.

The unsurmountable challenge to scholarship has always been how to bridge this gap. That is, how to make the connection between Athens Greece and Jerusalem Israel. Contrariwise, we have to forfeit the unattainable holistic view of things. Settling, instead for this split of modernity of secular weekdays, Mondays through Thursdays, and sacred weekends, of Fridays, Shabbaths, and Sundays.

I, too, was trapped in this crossroads of civilization. Fortunately, every cloud has a silver lining. The toll that I paid was high. I quit my Ph. D. program on account of its being mathematical physics, not theoretical physics, as I would have liked. At one point, I too traveled overland to India, quitting my teaching job, and philosophy postgraduate studies, though this might have spurred me to inquire and yet didn’t provide the answers.

But, I pondered, there must be a way out of this labyrinth. It simply doesn’t make any sense. The world is whole, it’s our understanding of things that’s messed up, not the world. Or rather, our misunderstanding of things is what has things in bits and pieces. But, where is the cue? The cue to unravel the puzzle. That is the question.

But, it wasn’t until I came over to the States and discovered my remote roots, that I gained clarity on the subject at hand. As Hispanic, I share the history of Iberia. Well, it happens to be the case that Spain and Portugal have the most diverse populations. Starting with the native Iberians, of course, then, in my twisted timeline, came the Phoenicians, the Romans and the Carthaginians, the Jews, followed by Germanic tribes, then the Arabs. Then these Hispanics, of Hispania, the Roman province, stumbled unto America, and the mixture of natives, so-called Indian, and Conquistadores came about, resulting in today’s mestizaje.

Well, to make a long story, short, I always saw myself as half-&-half, more or less, of Spanish and Indian heritage. Having been brought up under this belief, it shielded me from finding the cue. However, change didn’t come, but until my arrival in Austin, Texas, a more diverse population, than my native Mexico, mostly what is called a testimonial culture, on account of the Aztec and Mayan influences. Well, it was only then that I came to see, that, my previously held belief was not accurate, however much ballpark precise it may very well be the case.

The thing is that Spanish is not just Iberian, the native population. Rather, that Iberian means having Germanic, Jewish, and Arabic heritage, to some degree or other. The reason I’m going through this genealogical narrative is because I am human, too human, and these things do matter, insofar as one’s identity does play a part in putting together one’s worldview of things.

Austin is not Mexico City. Over there, things are old-school, everybody is more or less the same, different shades of brown, granted, but basically, the same all-round. And, those who are not, pretty much stick to themselves, living as in a cloud of soap bubbles. Over here, quite the opposite is true, not altogether, but pretty much so. There’s the Whites and Blacks, as background melting pots, with Native American Indians as interstice pan, and on top of that are the Hispanics, the Jews, the Chinese, the Indians, the Arabs, the Asians, the Africans, the Europeans, and so on. You get the idea.

My discovery was that I share Jewish, Arabic, and Germanic blood. In what measure, I still have to do a DNA test, but that’s not the point. The thing is that cultural heritage goes beyond the specifics of tainting. Of course, each individual is different, independently of what the group might be. Vaguely I have come to realize that I have an inclination towards the Jewish, less so the Arabic, with traces of Germanic. The Jewish, evidently would come from the Sephardic, those who converted, or were converted, to Catholicism back in the year 1492.

For reference, the Sephardic Jews come from Spain and Portugal, and thereafter were received by North African and Arab and Islamic countries. On the other hand, the Ashkenazi Jews come from Germany, Protestant and Roman Catholic, and thereafter were received by Greek Orthodox Eastern Europe countries.

Fast forward, thanks to other-friendly AusTex that I touched base with the Hebrew Bible Torah (תורה). And it was here that my blind shades were removed. I had studied science in college, then philosophy as adult, and had a business in medical device technology, but I had not yet wholeheartedly encountered religion, in spite of having gone to Catholic schools up to Middle School, though been brought up as non-practicing. My encounter with The Holy Language Leshon HaKodesh (לשון הקודש), well past my prime, made the difference. If you want to see things with clarity, without contamination, you have to go to the original version of things. To each its own.

Previous to that event my belief was that these positions, the Greek and Israeli, were irreconcilable. However, these positions aren’t antithesis of each other, unless our world is essentially broken, which it isn’t. For, there’s nothing wrong with the world, if the Creator made it, it’s perfect. There’s nothing wrong with us either, for the same reason, if the Creator made us, we’re perfect as well.

Nevertheless, the world as we know is broken, corrupt, and misguided. How can that be? If the world and we are perfect, then imperfection must slip in through free will, which is nothing other than thought, for thought precedes existence. So, then, it must be only, our view of things, our understanding, or misunderstanding, of things that is flawed. The Mr. Magoo syndrome, if you will. It’s our lens of things that’s under a distortion. What makes things ever worse, is that it is iterative. Meaning, that the more we fix things, the more we make things worse.

Our sole job is making the connection between us and the world, and if we can’t even get that right, we are in a sorry state, hence the present-day perennial crisis of civilization.  The connection is thought, as mentioned above, which is just another way of saying reason. Reason, in turn, must be nothing other than primeval common-sense. So, then, where are we now?

By then, I had already done an incomplete Master’s degree research on the preSocratic thinkers, in Ionia, a Greek colony in Persian territory, today’s northern coast of Turkey, those thinkers that predated the surge of philosophy proper in Athens. There I had discovered three world-stature figures, namely, Thales of Miletus, founder of the Milesian School of the physicists; Xenophanes of Colophon and Parmenides of Elea, founders of the Eleatic School of being-is-and-not-being-is-not; and lastly, the most fascinating of the three, Pythagoras of Samos, founder of the Secret Sect, and School of thought, of the Tetractys and the Triad, respectively.

Well, the gist of the story is that the stepping stone, not only geographically, but also culturally, between, on the one hand, Athens Greece, Greek culture of humanism, and on the other hand, Jerusalem Israel, Jewish culture of monotheism, is none other than Pythagoras of Samos, the Secret Sect and School of Thought of the Pythagoreans. Yes, the same guy responsible for having to learn the Pythagorean theorem by heart of, a-squared plus b-squared is equal to c-squared. Imagine that!

The quick answer is that modern culture springs from the three thinkers of Antiquity, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle; these in turn, follow in the footsteps of Pythagoras, Xenophanes-Parmenides, and Thales; these in turn, and here’s the up-to-now missing link, they got their spark from solely a part of the kernel of the Mosaic Pentateuch Chumash (חמש).

That is to say, each emphasizing a particular aspect of the Whole, respectively. More to the point, the Milesians emphasized the body, the Eleatics emphasized the spirit, and the Pythagoreans twofold, namely, the Secret Sect, emphasized the divine Tetractys, which took off after the Mosaic tetragrammaton Jehovah HaShem (יהוה), whereas the School of Thought, emphasized the human Triad. The Mosaic kernel, as you might suspect, of the Torah Teaching (תורה), at the entry level, I must limit, is nothing other than PaRDeS.

I will have a lot more to say on this matter later on, but for the moment, suffice to say that PaRDeS, an acronym, stands for Body, Mind, and Spirit, and, the Divine.

One more point before I pause, and it should be more abundantly clear and evident by now, the need to put all this in visual synoptic format, for a figure verily saves pronouncing a thousand words. This we will now proceed to do, hoping that the listener and reader finds it in need of no further explanation.

In a nutshell, Modernity goes back, directly, to Athens Greece, then to Ionia, as missing in-between cue, and eventually, to Jerusalem Israel. And Israel is the Bible, and the Bible, ultimately, beyond later developmental beliefs, of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, rests on the five books of Moses, Pentateuch Chumash (חמש). Of these books, there is a first one, as is obvious, called Bere’shith Genesis (בראשית). This book is made up of Parashot Sections (פרשות), of which the first is, again, named Bere’shith Genesis (בראשית). Lastly, one more time, of this one, the very first word is Bere’shith Genesis (בראשית).

Just in case it is not clear, since it all occurred so fast. The point being is that ultimately, civilization, as the cultural heritage of humanity, at least limited to the West, rests on the cornerstone of the Creation Story, whose gist, human science 101 at least, is PaRDeS.

IMHO, my take on the matter is that the sages have known this all along, just never bothered to put it in lay terms that the average Joe and Jane on the street could understand. Like, in keep it simple.

This realization, that after all there is sense to the world, that the prevailing nonsense of our perennial crisis of civilization is due to a misunderstanding stemming from a historical discontinuity, was earth shaking to me, and has taken me close to forever to assimilate its significance. But, now once past the initial shock, the next thing is to share it. Call it out to the four winds. It cannot just lie within me, die with me, with nobody at least having heard of it once. As to what each of us does with it, once having made aware of its existence, is up to each individual, a personal choice.

In conclusion, allow me to put it in thesis form. The hard solution is the Fall, in its place I’m proposing a softer alternative. Simply put, PaRDeS is the primeval common-sense missing link, without which, we’re caught up with a double-standards nonsense of sorts. This is reminiscent of how the native American Indians characterized the settlers, “the white-man speaks with forked tongue”.

Let me put my thesis statement in perspective. Civilization, it all starts with the Creation story of the Bible. The Creation Story provides the bedrock to all of civilization. From it take off the preSocratic thinkers, as we explained above, and from these in turn, takes off the School of Athens of the big three, or triad, of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, the world-renowned philosophers. Ultimately, the West, as we have come to know it, of science and technology.

Newton takes over physics from Aristotle’s natural philosophy and turns it into mathematical philosophy, a return to Pythagoras. This goes on up to today’s state of science. This only proves the point we’re stressing, that ultimately, all goes back to Socrates and the preSocratics, who are indebted to the Bere’shith Genesis (בראשית) 1:1-2:3 Creation Story of Moses.

The sequence is as follows: religion founds philosophy, philosophy founds science, and science founds technology, as applied science. Let me say it one more time, forward speaking, as it were. Religion founds philosophy, philosophy founds science, science founds technology. Or backward speaking, as it were, that technology is founded on science, science on philosophy, and philosophy on religion. All three of the World’s religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, are founded on the Bible’s Creation Story of the Torah Teaching (תורה) of Moses.

For those who are more visual, I would place the divine, as a bubble, and within it, the human, as a triad, of body, mind, and spirit. This is just another way of saying, one, the Divine, and then secondly, the spirit, followed by the mind, and lastly, the body.

Overall, the four-level overarching scheme is PaRDeS, same that we represent as a bubble, the divine, and within it spirit, mind, and body, that put together as a right-triangle, of a triad. No more the disjunctive of the double standards, of faith and fact divide.

In what follows we’ll try to make the case that the way to go in reconstituting the social edifice is by way of PaRDeS. That is to say, PaRDeS Reconstitution for Washington and World repair.

In any case, for the most part, my discourse is centered in Bere’shith Genesis (בראשית) Bible Creation Story. It comprises in all thirty-four (34) verses, 1:1-2:3.


Yours truly, Ricardo Turullols-Bonilla


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