The Austin Leadership Cry – let’s be the Taskforce of Creation!

Please help me get elected to the US House of Representatives District 21, to represent the heartland of Texas, for America has yet to be great!

I have a calling, born out of enthusiasm; a book to deliver, “PaRDeSism ~ Human Science 101”; and, a job to get done, PaRDeS Universal ReConstitution for Washington and World Repair!

When in doubt, in times of trouble, we need to go back to square one, to absolute time equal zero, to the Work of Creation, as laid out in the Bible Genesis 1:1-2:3.

A caveat. The research has to be done questing from the original Biblical Hebrew, for all translations are already interpretations. We must avoid contamination with the virus of Modernity, the forked-tongue culture of double-standards, that is at the root of the crisis of civilization.

The sages of old over 1500 years ago, while studying the Bible Creation Story BeRe’shIth Genesis/InBeginningOf 1:1-2:3 (בראשית) in the Holy Book, discovered a great, deep, complex, yet, simple truth; same that I’ve unearthed after a decade-long research and written down in book presentation.

The truth is that the virtue of things is PaRDeS, that the whole is made up of a triad of parts. PaRDeS is an acronym in Hebrew, that we’ll explain more fully later on, and that is at the root of the word PaRaDiSe. Simply put, it states that the whole, as such, is the divine, and that it, as parts, is constituted out of what we come to know as body, mind, and spirit.

The beauty of all this is its application to real life. All we have to do is place PaRDeS at the cornerstone of our social edifice, for therein is the way out of Crisis City and unto PaRaDiSe Earth. Contrariwise, if we build any which nonsensical way, our construct will grow askew, and we’ll end up with a broken, corrupt, and misguided world.

The key to our success would be to reconstitute our universe in image and likeness to the way it was constituted in the first place, at the very Beginning, as outlined in the Work of the Creation Story.

In this website, I am now putting the findings of my quest in Podcast format with pdf included for ease of understanding.

What we now need moving forward is a leadership empowered from the wellspring of the Work of Creation. If we want to make it safe to the end of times, we need to get it right from the beginning of time itself.

In my research quest, I employ the most powerful tools available, starting with the Bible, adding technology, and enriching it with both science and philosophy.

I believe in Revelation to Moses at Mount Sinai of the Torah Teaching (תורה). Lesson one is that the source code is to be found in the one day 1:1-5, in verse 1:1, in word 1:1a, in letter 1:1a/a, and, finally, in how it all interphases with the silent first letter of the Hebrew alefbeth, namely, alef a (א). It all makes perfect sense: the Sefer HaKodesh Holy Book (ספר הקודש) couldn’t have been written but in the Leshon HaKodesh Holy Language (לשון הקודש) of Biblical Hebrew. What makes it holy is precisely that it teaches us in its unique way what we have to learn to be successful in this world.

The architecture of my legislative platform is akin to that of a house project, namely, the foundations, that go underground; the housing, that go above ground; and the slab floor, joining both. Same here with my legislative endeavor. My claim being that if our legislative project is PaRDeS complaint, this will lead us in turn to the goal of wholeness in our lives.

The takeaway from the Bible Creation Story is that PaRDeS is the primeval common-sense that is built-in from get-go in our hearts and brain.

Applying this no-nonsense cultural principle to the civilization project, would then give us for social foundations none other than the triad of liberty, equality, and fraternity of humanity. For slab, in this knowledge-driven R&D world, I am proposing the University as third economic protagonist of history to rise above the shoulders of Capital and Labor, of right and left, of conservative and liberal antagonistic positions. As for the political, housing institutions, a whole series of initiatives that must be PaRDeS compliant, same that we’ll be presenting in due time.

The scope of the Podcasts is limited to verse 1:1 of the Work of Creation 1:1-2:3. Though much else is left out that appears in the book, it is more than sufficient for a political campaign platform.

However, various topics that may prove interesting to the listener are touched upon, such as our Seed of Life and the traditional Tree of Life configurations. Of course, if these Podcasts serve to whet its appetite, the reader is encouraged and welcomed to pursue its interests further in the book and elsewhere in the literature.

In closing, some might object to our not keeping Church and State matters separate. My reply, in consonance with the primeval common-sense principle, is that we are whole beings, and that our beliefs, values, and actions constitutes the triad of parts of what we are as one.

Yours truly, Ricardo Turullols-Bonilla

ReConstitution! Let’s PaRDeS!

Thank you kindly, &, G’d bless.